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Josh Cohen is a Michelin-trained chef who always knew he was destined for the culinary world. He pulls much of his inspiration from his childhood––having lived in the fertile hills of the Hudson Valley. Sustainable food was always an essential part of his life. Josh cemented his understanding of the benefits that come from a farm-to-table approach to creating authentic, haute cuisine. He started working in kitchens full time while still in high school, eventually occupying the company of prestigious chefs such as Magnus Nilsson and Daniel Burns. 


Looking to expand his creative palette, he spent time as a culinary architect at The Flower Shop in NYC where his cooking skills earned the restaurant a Michelin Bib Gourmand. Josh then went on to Gem NYC which received 2 stars from the New York Times, under his leadership. He would later open the locally acclaimed Rosie's in Amagansett as the Executive Chef. Going back to his roots, he partnered with the local Bhumi Farm which provided the kitchen with its fresh daily harvest. In 2019, he was featured on the acclaimed series ‘Chopped’. Josh’s devotion to cultivating organic relationships with others in his field is instrumental to his cuisine.


 For the past 10 years, Josh has been able to develop distinctive techniques that set him apart from his peers. His style of cooking is market-driven and vegetable-forward while embodying New American cuisine. Drawing from a bank of nuanced flavors, Josh is able to custom tailor every menu, meal, and dish––each one from a unique perspective. A tried and true Michelin chef, his mission is to strip the elements of fine dining down to their core and deliver them to people wherever they are. Josh’s commitment to hospitality fuses with his use of delicious, seasonal, and ethically sourced food to create something truly special.


Chef Josh now lives in Brooklyn, New York where he works alongside a team of dedicated individuals who offer private chef services, catering, and culinary consulting across NYC, New Jersey, Hudson Valley, Westchester, The Hamptons, and more. Always looking to expand his craft, Josh continues to dedicate himself to fulfilling only the highest of culinary standards.

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